Sunday, 28 October 2012

Did Jimmy Savile Take His Secrets to the Grave?

This is a bit ghoulish, but as it's nearly Halloween...

Jimmy Savile was buried in a gold sprayed coffin with nothing much of value.  In an unusual precautionary measure the undertakers back-filled the grave with concrete to make it just about the most secure coffin ever.

I have never heard of undertakers doing this before.  It may be that their story - that the media had interested public opinion by claiming items of value were buried in there - is true.  It may be an established procedure to prevent grave robbery and be perfectly innocent, and I may add it to my list of preferences for when I shuffle off to meet my maker.

Jimmy Savile grave being filled with concrete

I just want to join a couple of dots and see if they work.

In the now infamous Louis Theroux program about Savile he mentioned that he didn't own a computer.  To possess such a thing would allow people to check up on him, or some nonsense like that.  Clearly, he didn't trust them.

There are rumours about everything under the sun to do with Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG.  More than one of them has a ring of  possibility.  A paedo ring no less.

It is easy to make connections between the rich and powerful, Jimmy Savile, and care homes.  One of those possibilities involves Jimmy acting as a go-between, supplying children or access to children, to powerful people.

These aren't the opportunist celebrities who are likely to be fingered fairly soon.  They are the faceless people, the as yet unknowns.  Paedophiles gather rings around them.  It is a club.

Savile's estate left eight million pounds.  For an ex presenter with no obvious means of income - that's a lot of money.


Here's the dots.

No computer.

Possible paedo ring and procurement operation.

Eight million pounds.

Concrete coffin.


Most people keep notes of things.  If say, I was expecting regular payments from people, or had a list of special contacts, I would probably knock up a spreadsheet.  Without a computer I might have to write those details down - to keep on top of them.

If, and here we go with yet another theory... if Jimmy Savile kept notes about his activities and his members - where are those notes?  I am assuming all his above ground personal possessions have all been sorted and dealt with.

That leaves one place where there might be information.

Absolute ridiculous theory of course, and just me wanting to add the final insult to our much loved family entertainer by digging up, or more accurately I suppose, drilling up, his coffin.

But I can see Savile, OBE etc., telling his Friday Morning Club friends as one of his 'jokes'...

"I'll take my secrets to the grave".

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  1. Jim's grave must be returned to Scarborough. Why have his family abandoned him?