Friday, 12 October 2012

Jimmy Saville Bad Taste Joke

cartoon jim'll fix it badge
New Jim'll Fix It Badge
Jimmy Savile is so famous he has his own Wikipaedophile entry.


A woman has come forward to say she was not abused while on BBC premises.

"I did everything right" she said.  "Went to a childrens show at the BBC and no one touched me.  This has cost me millions".

BBC critics have accused her of making the story up.


Police looking for a fifth man involved in the Jimmy Savile scandal have identified Morph from Take Hart and Heartbeat as a potential suspect. 

A spokesman said they had reason to believe he was a Playdohphile.


That's all I have in that area. Everything else is just too bad taste.

I suppose we could update the man walks into a bar and says "I could have any woman I want here". 

His friend says "How?" and he replies "I'm a rapist".  

So... Jimmy Savile walks into a school...



Haut de la Garenne Charity Raffle

First Prize - a day with Jimmy Savile

Second Prize - a night with Jimmy Savile

Third Prize - a ride on Ted Heath's yacht

jimmy savile, gary glitter and jonathan king cartoon on TOTP
Cartoon Jimmy Savile presents Gary Glitter on TOTP

Q) When is a paedophile not a paedophile?
A) When he has powerful friends.


Lot of fuss about Savile who is in fact dead - although the not-so-bright boys in blue may not have noticed yet.  Fact is, they took no notice while he was still alive.

Yes, there should be an inquiry and those who helped him should be punished. 

There's always an inquiry, many years too late.  The criminals, at least some of whom will be knighted, will get away with it.

Who else was involved with this?

Who decided to give Mr.Savile a room at Stoke Mandeville hospital?

How many people told the children not to complain because Mr.Savile and his friends were rich and famous?

Who is doing the same thing now?  Does it make you look at current celebrities working with kids in a different light?

Why did the BBC pull that Newsnight program?

jimmy savile and girl in wheelchair watched by policeman - cartoon
No one knew what Jimmy Savile was up to - now did they?

Meanwhile if the police want to go looking for criminals they could start a little nearer to home.

How many people have died in police custody over the last ten years?  It's a lot larger number than the number of police who have been found guilty of anything.  Even the guy who killed the G7 protester on video for Chrissakes... gets away with it.

Want to cover something up?

Investigate it yourself.

Amazing how seldom the police find evidence of any wrongdoing.  I guess they don't plant stuff on one of their own.

Anyhow, I had better be careful.  Wear a t-shirt with a joke about dead coppers and end up in prison.  Make a Facebook post saying a good soldier is a dead soldier and get a community service order.


What happened to free speech?

I don't defend those sentiments but I defend the right of people to express them.

So people, get all worked up about the dead DJ and ignore what else is going on.  Lazy journalists read out the latest statement from the police, government, BBC and fail to ask some hard questions.

The police knew.  They had complaints but they didn't act on it.  They seldom do.

If you are a guy wearing a t-shirt though - the full weight of British law will come down hard.

That's justice.  That's democracy.

And that, my friend, is the real bad taste joke.


What's the difference between a hedgehog and a police car?

The hedgehog has pricks on the outside.


BBC Commons Committee Interview in Full

Committee:  Here we are again attempting to get the truth out of a lying cynical bastard.

George Entwistle:  Hello.

Committee:  How well did you know Jimmy Savile?

George:  Never heard of the fella.

Committee:  Why did you pull the Newsnight program?

George: What Newsnight program?

Committee:  The one that explained how Savile was a known pervert at the BBC for many years.

George: Oh that.

Committee:  Were you told by higher ups to pull the program?

George: Oh no.  Absolutely not. I categorically deny any suggestion that people in positions of power and privilege told me I wouldn't get knighted.  Absolutely deny it.

Committee:  Well George, as a mixture of Lords and MPs ourselves we can hear where you are coming from.  Let's wrap it up there shall we?  Drinkies anyone?

Savile Quiz Corner

When asked to tea in a Scottish cottage by a dodgy pervert in a tracksuit do you...

A. Tell him to get lost
B.  Make some excuse for not going
C.  Go, and then knight him. (The sequence is not important).

jimmy savile and prince charles and the hrh waitresses


  1. I too have unearthed a bad-taste joke. I never knew things went back to October but you disclose such a lot of information, disclose very bravely!

    Naively I thought my find was really JS, but I have been told it's a spoof?

    I don't think so. It's very professional and just the sort of thing JS would contrive to laugh at the idiots who allowed him to use them. I believe it to be original, JS?

    Anyway, I wouldn't deflorate your stick-poking a-la JS, so, maybe Google:


    I used to sing 'In Dulci Jubilo' serving at Mass many years ago. How innocent then was I? No-one came after my sphincter then so I never knew.

    Maybe it will hit the 2012 Christmas popularity-list?

    Have a good Christmas and a pleasant 2013.

    1. What a great comment, and anything with sphincter in it ticks my boxes, in a humorous way! Thankyou sir, and a good Xmas to you!