Friday, 19 October 2012

Jimmy Saville - How Many Others are Police Investigating?

A couple of weeks ago people were wondering who the fourth or fifth name was in the frame.

The police, having completely missed the opportunity to act on reports of Savile's activities, might have one or two others to investigate.

A few obvious targets were mentioned, and their names continue to circulate widely on the internet.  A pop star, a comedian - these are in my opinion, the tip of the iceberg.

If they are involved at all of course.  At times like these - everyone a bit odd or dubious is a suspect - and that is not always fair.  Particularly where the police are involved, an easy target on trumped up charges, is much better than doing some real detective work.

So I won't repeat the names that are doing the rounds.  I'll come at it from a slightly different angle.


The obvious celebrities misses out the more dangerous individuals - many of whom may still be alive.  The ones who were a lower profile but more senior in positions at the BBC, government, police, NHS, etc.

Those who aided and abetted Savile in his quest for young pleasures - and who can rely on a wall of silence to protect them.  With friends in high places it is normally easy for someone to evade justice, particularly when members of the judiciary are themselves involved.

Is there a chance, this time... at last... of the police doing an honest job of investigation?

Not much.

How many senior members of the police force are involved in this themselves - either though the actual acts of indecency or keeping quiet because it's all about protecting your own?


I am not a conspiracist.  I don't think the whole world is engaged in a massive cover up but I do think there are a LOT more Jimmy Savile's to find.  This man did this for forty years and got away with it.  He abused children in care homes, hospitals and his mobile caravan.

Heads at the BBC knew about his behaviour - "oh that's just Jimmy" they might say.  The police had had reports.  Everyone in the media knew.

But no one acted.

I don't think one man, however clever, and remember he boasted about this in his biography, could do all this on his own.  He had help and friends.

If you are a pervert then you seek out others to help you, and make your behaviour seem normal.  Therefore I believe there are hundreds of other people the police should be on the tail of.


There is enough hearsay 'evidence' and rumour on the internet to give them a hundred names tonight.  Tomorrow morning they should interview each of these people under caution and find a couple of squealers.

It will only take a handful to break that wall of silence and bring the whole thing crashing down.

Maybe one or two of the older ones are even feeling slightly guilty and ashamed - and might want to meet their maker having confessed.

One or two might be deeply religious types who would appreciate this opportunity,  After all, if you are that old and going to be dead soon - you could do one decent thing with your life.

Turn yourself in and the others you know about.


There are pictures out there, and diary entries and no doubt previous blackmail attempts.  The police should open up a Jimmy Savile hotline and website and start collecting all this stuff.

I'm not saying everyone mentioned is guilty.  I'm not going to list my own 'favorite' names.

But here's a little more thinking round the obvious.


Jimmy Savile used his position of power and access to young people to abuse them.  There are many many people with similar amounts of power.

I'm not saying every single man with a sham marriage or fake girlfriends should be investigated - but hey - come on.  How obvious does it need to be for Plod to put two and two together?

Remember Jonathan King saying his only offence or difference in what he did was that he chose young boys?  So he's saying that he knew or knows about all those people who used young girls instead.  Tell us more Mr.King.

Just like Lance Armstrong who denied everything for years - eventually the truth will out.  People WILL talk.


Now if I were one of those abusers, sat at home, reading about this with some degree of discomfort I would be facing a hard choice.  Brazen it out and hope no one comes calling, or try pleading and naming as a way to make some sort of deal.

Everyone knows.  It's just a question of proving it.


It took the Belgium case a couple of years back to really get up a head of steam but it claimed a lot of powerful people when it was done.  I really hope it happens here.

Keep reading, keep checking and let's keep this thing in the news.  The powers involved would love to hush it up and hide it - and as usual let the perpetrators get old and die - and then slap a thirty year notice on it.

Well.  We got the internet now.


Maybe the BBC would like the ghastly George Entwistle to head up a celebration program for Xmas.  He could tell us how Ted Heath, the Krays, and the younger still alive and working members of this club are much loved family 'entertainers'.  The whole thing could be set in Broadmoor and a local school or care home brought in for the singing.

Alternatively let's take George in for proper questioning over why he canned that Newsnight expose.  Trying to keep paedophilia a secret - eh George?   Nice one.  I wonder who leant on you?

jimmy savile BBC special tv program cartoon


Let's see how the police investigation goes.  It took a long time for Hillsborough and Bloody Sunday.  I hope they can manage to unearth the bleeding obvious in less than a year.


  1. Why did the BBC permit one of their top Radio 4 presenters to take out a Super Injunction regarding alleged illegal sexual behaviour, including voyeurism and illegal photography in a Leisure Centre. This is recent, this is current, its not in the 70's, you hear him regularly all over the UK and see or hear him almost every day in Northern Ireland. Because of the SI we can't even find out if the alleged victim was over or under the age of consent, nevertheless, regardless of age, spying on and photographing anyone without their permission for your own sexual gratification remains a criminal, sexual offence. Why are the BBC helping to deceive the public ? Will they look into this as part of their investigations?

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  3. I just SO agree with everything you write! AS we spak Freddie Star is arrested for "groping a 14 year old" not very nice,but there are far more serious charges to be investigated.Where & who are all the members of the Friday Club,the police officers, the masons, why are there no other arrests? Keep publishing, I'll circulate on my FB page for sure!