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List of Names Connected with the Savile Case

There is a huge cast of people involved in or connected with the Jimmy Savile abuse story.  The press so far have largely dealt with the obvious Savile and girls - in the BBC, hospitals and care homes. 

A web of intrigue dates back to the 1960's including a wide section of people from many areas of society. 

I have tried to base my information on reliable sources and publicly available information such as Wiki.

I'm going to start a list of these names as a handy reference guide.  In today's crazy climate it seems a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

It is in alphabetic order by surname as that seems a suitably anal way to proceed.

Please do not expect a biography on each one or a complete list.  There is a huge and growing number to keep up with.  I will do my best.  In many cases it is up to you to join the dots.  I don't have time to write a book on this and neither do I have access to an expensive legal team.

jimmy saville and child in wheelchair
This list is a mixture of celebrities, famous people and other characters who may yet become famous.  They are players in this extraordinary story that the Savile exposure is breaking open.

Please note -  appearance on this list does not imply direct connection or knowledge of Savile's activities.  It is a complex story.  These are all names in the public domain.

Also note.  If I am unsure of anyone mentioned in subsequent comments I will remove them.  I don't want to get sued or taken down.  But I am very interested in following connections in the Savile case.

Savile cartoon - doctor explains to mother about patient in MRI scanner

Michael Aspel
This Is Your Life presenter.  Stated he had never met Savile and then it turned out he had.

Lord Boothby
Kray connection.  Example of how power can shut down the press and the police.

Wilfred Bramble
Sigh.  It seems a lot of my favourite performers from earlier days have a murkier past than I ever thought.  I checked out his name because I saw reference to it, and only on Wiki, not the mass of lunatic conspiracy sites.  Unfortunately, Wilfred's name is on the roll of dishonour.  He was accused of abusing two 12 years old boys at the Jersey Opera House.  Yes, Jersey.  One of the boys was from... guess where.. yep... Haut de la Garenne.

Leon Brittan
While he was Home Secretary in 1983 - he was given a dossier detailing a paedophile network in Parliament and the Civil Service.  The file was lost or destroyed and no action was ever taken.  This is a live story with MP's who do have a conscience (there are one or two of them) demanding to know how the Home Office could 'lose' these files.

Lord Brittan is reported to have been interviewed by police over a historic rape case dating back to 1967.  No charges have been brought.

Of the many bizarre and unbelievable elements in the Savile case is his connection with and access to this secure mental hospital.  Savile was appointed as head of a task force to sort out the union at the hospital by Edwina Currie.  He was their man who could get things done.

Prince Charles
Friend of Savile's.  Invited to his cottage and sent a postcard with "regards to the lovely ladies".  Not the sharpest tool in the Royal Box.  Savile cultivated and used the Royals and politicians to become untouchable.

Ken Clarke
Tory politician.  Health secretary at the time Savile was given keys to Broadmoor. Knew nothing about it.  Blamed Edwina Currie.

Max Clifford
Publicist.  Has been approached by a number of high profile celebrities who are worried by public storm against anyone who lived in the 70's.  Max was concerned about ageing celebrities who might be falsely accused - he was right to be.  Mr.Clifford is now serving eight years in prison.

Bryn Clwyd
The Welsh care home scandal blown open in 1997.  Except it wasn't fully blown open of course.  A huge catalogue of abuse, an inquiry, the involvement of police and higher ups.  The "senior politician" that is about to be revealed may know Bryn Clwyd quite well.

In all seriousness, if you are reading this blog for a bit of tittle-tattle and maybe the name of a celebrity or two I suggest you look more closely at this story.  Pause a while and think about the defenceless children - and the faceless and unaccountable politicians, civil servant and police who either joined in with the abuse or allowed it to continue.

I sincerely hope they rot in hell.. after the dogs have torn them to pieces.  They deserve nothing better.

Simon Cowell
Pop impresario.  Paid Jonathan King bail.  No obvious connection with Savile but that he is a man with immense power over young impressionable people.  All media operations should be tightened up to ensure the safety of children on shows like X-Factor.

Edwina Currie
Appointed Savile to head up a Broadmoor task-force to sort out the hospital, putting this dangerous psychopath in charge of the hospital.  Seems crazy, but it is true.  Savile bullied staff and abused patients in return for this 'favour'.  It has been reported that the civil servant, name unknown, who proposed Savile was himself investigated by the police and prevented from working with children.

Edwina, despite being a self publicist and book writer, has not yet given a full account of this period.

Jill Dando
Murdered presenter.  It is a murky story which has on occasion been linked to this sorry mess.

Jim Davidson
The comic who offended just about anyone with a mixture of racist, sexist and homophobic unfunny 'jokes' may have been arrested as part of the "others" strand of the Savile Yewtree investigation.  Davidson was subsequently cleared of any wrong-doing.

Chris Denning
Yet another DJ - multiple sex related convictions.  Radio Luxembourg, natch, and at one point presented a program with Kenny Everett, who in a bit of a twist is probably the most decent normal people among them.  Part of ring that included Tam Paton, manager of the Bay City Rollers - and Jonathan King.

Diana Dors
She has a lurid past that's for sure.  The connection is her adult parties where young starlets were persuaded to attend and meet the powerful.  They were secretly filmed having sex.  It gave the News of the World much coverage at the time.  One attendee at these parties was Freddie Starr.

There are rumours that young means very young.  She was friends with the Krays via her husband Dennis Hamilton, a charmer who himself loaned Diana out to the rich and powerful.

Thomas Hamilton walks into a school and kills a number of children.  He holds a valid gun licence, issued despite warnings.  He is a local scout master and apparently supplying pictures for a paedophile network.

The inquiry results, which did not investigate the rumours of the ring, were placed under a 100 year notice to protect the children.

I wonder how long they will put the Savile inquiries under lock and key?

George Entwistle
Head of BBC.  Obvious fall guy for the current disaster.  May be shortest ever head of the Beeb.

Update 10/11/12.  George was the shortest ever serving BBC head.  He fell on his sword which was put there for him.

The rumour mill is naming practically everyone who was in power in the last forty years.  They can't all have been at it.  I don't know what the usual percentage of offenders is across the public as a whole, but judging by the internet the Parliamentary percentage is way higher.

The problem is that due to the concealment and secrecy involved in the covered up cases there is a vacuum of information and a lot of people trying to fill it.  So there is a need for caution when names are reported.  We still have innocent until proven guilty and the majority of those being fingered may well be innocent.

There are a number of vested interests with scores to settle and people to frame.

Alan Franey
Appointed head of Broadmoor after Savile got his job there.  Savile was present at the meeting where the position was proposed to Alan. Worked at Leeds General Hospital while Savile was there and was a friend and colleague over many years.  Retired from Broadmoor after an investigation in 1997 following allegations that a child pornography ring was being run there.

Paul Gadd
aka Gary Glitter. Arrested 28/10/12 in connection with allegations surrounding Savile case.  The police needed a high profile name to show us the case was progressing?  No charges were brought.

Paul Gambaccini
First person to mention the Savile necrophilia rumours on radio.  Nicky Campbell was shocked.  Strikes me as a decent person.

Haut de la Garenne
Time after time the name of this Jersey care home comes up in relation to characters connected with Savile.  Any investigation could do worse than go to the home and collect the visitors book.  The previous investigation into the care home has gone cold rather than exposing the scale of the abuse.  A lot of important people in Jersey and further afield got concerned is my guess.

It may seem old fashioned or naive but I think care homes should care for children - not act as a private shop for high ranking perverts.

Rolf Harris
It is hard for many people to believe that Rolf Harris could get swept up in this.  He was a naff, not terribly popular but harmless and cheery TV presenter until he underwent some kind of renaissance becoming a post-ironic national treasure.  He appeared at Glastonbury and the Albert Hall.

I liked Rolf.  He had an apparently self-mocking sense of humour and a love of art and music.  I learned about the didgeridoo, the wobble board and so on.  And I still think fondly about his painting and the "can you see what it is" catch-phrase.

The problem that Rolf poses is that not all these people are monsters.  Savile is easy to hate, loathe and despise.  I felt that way before finding out about him.  But Rolf?  That is harder to come to terms with. Mostly I feel let down by him.

Ted Heath
British Prime Minister back in the days when a dubious confirmed bachelor with police warnings could be PM.  Connected to Haut de la Garenne where Savile had never been... until the pictures of him being there.

Sir Roger Jones
Director of Children in Need - 1999 to 2002.  He has recently said that he did not allow Jimmy Savile anywhere near the charity because he was weird.  Unlike the collection of other people who 'knew nothing' - he acted on what would be most people's instinct.  The man was clearly a nutter and a nasty one at that.

How come so few others thought about acting on instinct?

David Icke
Lizard spotter and much loved lunatic.  He has been writing about Savile since way back, and has been proven correct.  Has a tendency to bang on about lizards though.

Thomas Kenyon
Son of the late Lord Kenyon.  His brother was High Sheriff of Clwyd.  His name was mentioned in relation to the Welsh care home abuse scandal, the report was ordered to be destroyed.  Despite this man going to the police, admitting he had a thirteen year old boy in his hotel room and then accusing him of stealing his clothes - the police only prosecuted the boy.

Friends in high places.  But Cameron doesn't want to look at the names on the bit of paper.

Jonathan King
Specialised in corny pop songs and young boys.

Ronnie and Reggie Kray
One or both of them liked underage boys.  They had powerful connections to people like Lord Boothby and the Mirror ran a story about a sexual relationship between Ronnie and the Lord.  Ronnie ended up in Broadmoor.  The Tory and Labour parties of the time kept quiet about the Krays for longer than they should have done because Boothby and Labour MP Tom Driberg meant embarrassment for them both.

Fast forward forty years and ask how many higher ups knew about Savile and are saying nothing for the same reasons.

Lord McAlpine
9/11/12 - Lord MacAlpine has issued a three page statement stating he is a victim of mistaken identity.  He and Steve Meesham would appear to both be victims of the appalling care home scandal, subsequent cover-up and internet witch-hunt.

After Lord McAlpine sued Sally Bercow for posting a Tweet with a Smiley he sadly died.  It may now be safe to mention that he was rumoured to collect art by Graham Ovenden.  More on Graham later.

Joe Meek
Record producer. Killed himself with a shotgun in 1967.  Produced records for a variety of UK pop singers.  Meek was a homosexual who became convinced he would be implicated in the body in a suitcase murder of Bernard Oliver, found near Tattingstone, Suffolk.

Steve Messham
Something of a rarity.  A plausible living witness who claimed abuse by a senior Tory politician.  He is fortunate to still be living if some of the more lurid stories are to be believed, and I tend to believe them.  A number of people involved in these shadowy cases have died in mysterious circumstances.

Update.  Steve Meesham has now withdrawn his claim about a senior Tory politician.  Apparently the police at the original enquiry showed him a photo and gave him the wrong name.

The close you look at this story - the less things add up.

I think now the litigious one has snuffed - it is safe to say there were two McAlpines in that story.

Just as the police and authorities cover up embarrassing stories - so the Secret Service plant them to further their various aims.  Harold Wilson and Tony Blair were victims of ludicrous inventions by MI5 to discredit them and so, it is rumoured, was Leon Brittan.

Unfortunately, this means that all or nothing or somewhere in between on the internet, may be related to the real truth.

What may be of interest is the number of people who have died in suspicious circumstances.  No sooner is there a chance of a scandal being exposed then the victim is found with a satsuma in their mouth, or perhaps locked into a suitcase.

Stephen Milligan
Tory MP who was found naked and asphyxiated in an apparent tragic 'accident'.  What on earth does this have to do with Savile?  It's all about the network and the cover-up.  It is one small step to think that the security services have been keeping the lid on an abuse ring that involves senior members of Parliament - and disposing of anyone who might be about to expose it.

It seems reasonable to assume that the Welsh Care Home scandal and Haut de la Garenne were hushed up.  That Savile got away, indeed was rewarded, for his activities. As each day passes and new claims, and evidence emerge, it seems it becomes harder for 'them' to keep a lid on this.

Bob Monkhouse
A name some people are looking for, Bob was one of Diana Dors lovers at one point.  He made a joke about orgy parties saying "You don't know who to thank afterwards".  I can't find anything to substantiate wilder accusations about Bob Monkhouse.

Piers Morgan
Ex newspaper man, ran away from the phone hacking scandal to America.  Never knew Savile and then he did.

Sir Peter Hugh Morrison
Parliamentary Private Secretary to Margaret Thatcher and now named by one of the Welsh care home victims as one of the high rankers who used the homes as a children's take-away. Isn't it extraordinary how many Lords and Sirs are involved in this?  He's dead.  There are others who are not.

No wonder they kept the terms of the inquiry narrow.  Nice one Thatcher.

Pope John Paul II
Awarded KCSG to Savile in 1990.  The Catholic Church awarding one of it's own in the spirit of priests everywhere for multiple services to children. Something like that.

Bill Oddie
One of three Goodies.  Has gone on record saying there was a running joke about Savile at the BBC, everyone knew, and he suspects a cover up due to Savile's friendship with Prince Charles.

Graham Ovenden
An artist specialising in pictures of young children.  Subject to numerous trials - some of which collapsed - he was eventually jailed.  Among his collectors were Lord McAlpine - yes - the one who was so upset by those false rumours.

Esther Rantzen
Founder of Childline.  TV presenter.  Along with others has given a rather uncomfortable reason for not reporting Savile's activities.

Cliff Richard
Famously single UK pop singer. According to his Wiki entry he currently shares his house with John McElynn, his property manager and a former Catholic priest.  There has never been a sniff of scandal throughout Cliff's long pop career.

Peter Rippon
Editor of Newsnight currently "standing aside".  He was all in favour of the program that didn't name the Tory politician and then two days later - he wasn't.

Leonard Rossiter
Accusation appeared on Sun's front page.  It may or may not be true, and as a fan of Rossiter's over the years I hope it isn't.  What is of interest to me, as a part time conspirator, is that this story appeared on the morning after the Newsnight breaking story about a senior Tory politician - as yet unnamed.

The Sun has a track record of showing the public one thing while concealing another.  They don't want the Tory story on the front page so what better than a dead celebrity?  It's an easy distraction technique, used time and time again by the media owners.

Jimmy Savile
Much loved family entertainer and OBE.  Oh yes, also a bit of a perve.

Savile was actually, despite his image, an extremely shrewd and manipulative person.  He used politicians, Royals, the police and anyone he could to build an aura of invincibility.  It worked.  No one dared touch him.

Johnny Savile
Brother of Jimmy.  Sacked from job as recreation officer at Springfield Hospital London after claims from a woman patient that he mauled and groped her.

Howard Silverman
Hairdresser, friend of Jimmy, attended funeral, member of Friday Morning Club.

Commander Peter Spindler
Met policeman in charge of operation Yewtree.  When no one apart from Gary Glitter has been charged he is the one to write to asking what they think they are doing.  Past operations have been kicked into the long grass whenever they get too near to the rich and powerful.  If he pulls it off he can expect a knighthood in the future.

They have hundreds of complaints, years of reports and have set up investigations into Savile, Savile and others, and others.  After a few weeks of this, if we discount the years of previous inaction, they have so far managed - or rather stage-managed - one arrest.  Yes, the go to guy for any sex abuse scandal, Gary Glitter.  Well done!

The police deliberately or incompetently failed to follow up leads on Savile dating back many years.  They had numerous chances to act and failed to do so.  No police officer has faced prosecution or the sack for this but then...

... they never do.

Cyril Smith
Liberal MP and child abuser.  Police are looking for victims from the 1960's, when Cyril Smith is believed to abused boys at care homes.  This is another man who was well known among his colleagues as being a 'bit of a perve', yet no one had the decency to report it.

So, Mr.Cameron, that is one MP for definite that is involved.  How many others do YOU think should be looked at?

There is an obvious theme with all this abuse.  People know and do nothing.  They conceal and cover up because of the damage that would be done to their political party.  This isn't just an expenses fiddle we are talking about.  It is abuse of children and abuse of power.

Freddie Starr
Ex comedian.  Is repeatedly telling everyone he had nothing to do with it.  Not sure anyone cares to be honest.  Update - 1/1/12 - Freddie Starr arrested under the "Savile and others" segment of the police investigation.

Peter Sutcliffe
Well known mass murderer.  Broadmoor inhabitant.  There is a bizarre picture doing the rounds showing Frank Bruno shaking his hand, while Jimmy Savile looks on.

Norman Tebbit
Gave the eulogy at Savile's funeral.  Senior minister in Thatcher's cabinet.  Has recently said that "there may have been a cover up".  He may have been trying to make the point that faced with the claimed career and potentially government destroying allegations in the "Britten" dossier - any government and civil service would naturally try to suppress it.

Ray Teret
Savile's driver and one time flatmate. Imprisoned for six months in 1999 for sex with under age girl.  Arrested 8/11/12 into historic rape allegations which the police were careful to say had nothing to do with the Savile case.  That's all right then.

December 5 2014 - Ray Teret convicted of multiple rapes including one incident where Savile was said to be involved.

Peter Righton
Expert in child care, vice-chairman of governors at a school and in 1992... convicted paedophile.  His name is cropping up because there is a trail running from him to Parliament and Downing Street.  Surprisingly, the police did not follow the trail.

Peter Rippon
Newnight editor who wanted to run the program and then didn't want to.  Just couldn't make up his mind I guess.  Not to be confused with Peter Righton above.

Louis Theroux
Vaguely humorous and interesting occasional TV program maker.  Did THAT TV program "When Louis Meets..." with Jimmy Savile way before the news had broken, but after a lot of the people in the industry already knew.  Louis claims he didn't know but why was he bothering with an ex DJ?

Mark Thompson
Former Director-General of the BBC between 2004-12.  Left moments, well OK, weeks, before the story broke.  He is just about to become CEO of the New York Times but sadly for Mark there are questions being asked by the Americans.   Simple questions such as what did he know and why didn't he act?

Got to admit - it is quite a coincidence that Mark Thompson moved jobs at such an opportune time.  Just lucky I guess.

Tweenies - CBeebies
To the list of BBC cockups can be added this one.  A repeat of a Tweenies episode from 2001 where Max dresses up as Jimmy Savile and use the familiar catch phrases.

Tweenies character Max dressed as Jimmy Savile

Tom Watson MP
Possibly the only trustworthy man in the whole affair.  He claims that the evidence from the Peter Righton case shows details of a paedophile ring involving Westminster and child pictures smuggled in from abroad.  There are some anecdotes that police currently investigating child cases would prefer to give evidence to Tom Watson rather than watch it be buried by their senior officers.

I guess Tom has a different attitude to the motley collection of police, politicians, celebrities and media people who cannot remember or actively conceal.

Update: Tom Watson has updated his blog with details of his last ten days.  He has been inundated with information from people, pointing to the chain of corruption that goes very wide.

In a chilling part of his blog he says that "people who should know" have warned him his life may be in danger if he persists with his inquiring.

That's a Labour MP.  It's not me or any of the other internet nutters.  This is real, bad and deep and it's time people like Cameron got a proper grip on it.

After Thoughts

As I build this list I am convinced there was and still is systemic failing and abuse in the system.  Not just at the BBC but in every organization where dubious people can gain access to children.

The good thing about the Savile case is that it has allowed some of these skeletons to surface for a while.  Many times earlier trails have gone cold or been deliberately stopped.

I hope that people don't think it stops with a couple of arrests or that Gary Glitter is the only person we need to worry about.

Just a few moments investigation, of the sort that you assume the police and authorities do - but they seem to fail every time - will reveal a network that runs everywhere.

Occasionally someone gets caught and imprisoned.  Mostly the rest of the ring escapes.

Haut de la Garenne is a recent example of a high level cover up.  It is very likely that children were abused, tortured and killed there by numerous people with power and connections.  The story has gone quiet, like they often do.

Right now, the public are looking for a celebrity or two, and to give the BBC a good kicking.  That may be enough to satisfy the desire for action and the Savile case will be closed for "lack of further evidence".

Senior people will breath a sigh of relief.

Stoke Mandeville, Broadmoor, Haut de la Garenne, Operation Ore - all of these need serious investigation by an independent agency we can trust... as if there is such a thing.

I know I am in danger of sounding like a hysterical conspirator.  The truth is I hate the deception, cynicism and "one law for them" attitude that is part of Britain.

The police and parliament covered up Hillsborough for thirty years.  That is exactly what they and their masters will do with this.


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  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Not one I had come across. I am staggered by the amount of this over the years, and the names that crop up - again and again.

  3. Brilliant! Keep up the good work. Agree with everything you say. Establishment will try and bury this.

  4. All the people involved in this should have their bits chopped off and locked up for good. All the poor children have had to live with this. Thank god it is now out in the open

  5. Yes! My uneasy feeling about Cliff Richard being gay could very well be true! Has he been questioned, or is he holed up in his "batchelor pad" with his "best friend" in Portugal and paid off the press to keep schtum about his antics.

    1. Not sure that being gay is an offence any more!


    2. Ther5e are reports he was pulled in a few times over the Jill Dando murder but I am not sure how true this is.

  6. Steve Jolley. What happened to him

  7. Nothing will happen because the victims are working class. At the time of glitter and johnathon king being exposed the FBI had files on 700 uk residents accessing child porn sites,we were told of powerful people and high court judges but F A happened there

  8. The bit about David Icke being a lunatic and bangs on about lizards makes me laugh that tells me people haven't a clue if people would listen to these lunatics as the media portray them to be we could be in a very different place. (Savile is the lunatic). Icke has said some crazy stuff but its only crazy if you haven't open your mind to all possibility, and yes you would be a fool to believe everything he says without doing your own research, but most of the other stuff he has talked about has come true. He has also been saying for years that the royal family, head police, politicians etc where involved with Savile. I believe in a few more years I cant see to many laughing at David Icke, the laugh will be on the people who hasn't taking the time to listen, research and open there minds. This just tells me you havent taking the time to really understand what the mans about. This will be no different than the majority of the people how are going to look at this savile scandal, they will believe everything the media and their leaders them and anyone who has an opinion or whats to tell the truth about it will be a wrong, crazy or a lunatic. This is complete FASCISM, LIES, CORRUPTION, AND EVIL to the core, and if this scandal is fully exposed it could end the Monarchy. Ask yourself this what are you going to do about it, thats the question we all need to ask ourselves.

    1. Yes, I meant it fondly I think. David Icke has a lot of intelligent and thought provoking stuff to say. For me, the thing that spoils it is the lizards.

    2. I used to think Icke had something to say until I read one of his books.

      I have always wanted to watch the orignal Wogan again but that is an item hard to find anywhere. It is like everything nowadays only the media gets to see the original the rest of us are only allowed the highlights.

    3. When you accuse every famous person of being a pedophile-satanist-necrophiliac-masonic-illuminati-jew-lizard you're bound to get lucky from time to time. At least in part.

  9. Alan Franey was a good friend of Savile form his days in Leeds working the clubs and used to go running with him. He had little by way of relevent qualifications to run a pyschiatric hospital/prison. He was I believe a probation officer in Leeds dealing with young offenders. Savile had been given the job of "Tsar" to sort out Broadmoor after some scandals by - wait for it - Maggie Thatcher. You couldn't make it up! As such he was on the appointments committee for the new head position and got his pal Franey to apply. Franey was in Savile's pocket allowing him freedom to roam the wards of Broadmoor unchecked.

  10. You ask: "How come so few others thought about acting on instinct?"

    While there may be some conspiratorial bits to the story, this is the biggest lesson IMHO. Something fundamental about how humans are wired, which really helps psychopaths operate... it goes "if its alright with the rest of the group, it must be alright... no matter what my gut tells me" - we allow our social references to over-ride our gut instincts.

    When everyone does this... "everyone else think he's alright, so he must be alright"... the outcome is obvious, an abuser hiding in plain sight. The emperor has no clothes is a platitude, but it's true. If everyone else says the guy has clothes on, it must be my eyes that are at fault. You don't really need a high level conspiracy for this phenomenon to take us all down such a dark road.

    That is why we need other safety checks other than everyone's intuition. For example, mandatory reporting of suspected abuse, ie: requiring anyone who works in a setting with children to report ANY suspicion. This would have funneled many people's individual concerns into a single dataset that would expose a clear pattern. That is not mandatory reporting to your boss... that failed at Broadmore... but to child welfare or a specially designated agency. Then Bill Odie, Esther Ranzen, Paul Gambacini, as BBC employees, would all have HAD TO BY LAW officially register the rumors they heard. I'm in Oregon now where that's the law. I'm a mandatory reporter because I work at an agency for the developmentally disabled - even though I don't work with clients direct. And my legal responsibility doesn't end when i leave work. If I suspect abuse anywhere I go, I must file a report to social services. If I ever had suspicions and didn't act on them, I'd have some culpability in law. Of course the Catholic Church rode a tank through the clerical loophole in the law here, but some children are undoubtedly helped.

    I understand the pros and cons, but seeing how the 'everyone else must be right, my instict must be wrong' psychology played out here, I think this change is necessary.

    "Oh look, 1000 people have reported that they can't actually see any clothes on that emperor, you know come to think of it, neither can I!!!"

  11. You should add to your list Lord Greville Janner. Google him and you will find many accusations and cover ups

  12. A book called 'The Soho Don', can't remember who the author is, may interest you a LOT! The last parts deal with allegations about wild parties at Ronnie Kray's home, procurement of young boys/men and the death of some of same at the hands of Ronny's guests. As I say, these are only allegations, but you may be interested to learn whom was nicknamed 'The Silver Fox'.

  13. Sir Cliff is being thrown under the bus, if anyone cares to see how the vicious machine that is media hype works. No one has implicated him in anything, and everyone who was or who wanted to be anything in music had to suck it up to Jimmy Seville, that is one reason for his getting away with it for so long. Am not really shocked about how far up this goes, but the Cliff Richard deal is simply grasping at straws.

    1. His name comes up associated with The Elm Guest House but I think he has a super injunction preventing the papers naming him in association with this.

  14. These monsters see us as cattle, and know they can do whatever they like to us.cameron is a puppet of these people so there is nothing he can do. People who put themselves out there for us always meet with an accident or whatever they decide to do with them, the only thing we can do is unite and stand up to them.we are many they are few.

  15. These monsters see us as cattle, and know they can do whatever they like to us.cameron is a puppet of these people so there is nothing he can do. People who put themselves out there for us always meet with an accident or whatever they decide to do with them, the only thing we can do is unite and stand up to them.we are many they are few.

  16. Have you noticed that these peodos are either dead on close to it, how can there be a propper trial? These poor people who have suffered will have little or no justice. Its a shame that the ones at the top of this ring wont be prosecuted, but we all know it goes so high that those names would never be disclosed as there would be a revolt against them. This site is excellent. Keep up the good work.

  17. You forgot to mention the creepy Derek Laud.

  18. It's all so much clearer now

  19. Google Jimmy Saville , Haut de Garenne, and Edward Heath, and the stories are there, alson if you google Leon Brittan and The Elm Guest House the same both these stories have D notices on them. There is no smoke without fire and if these stories were true I am sure it would bring down the Government. Not just the government because if you look at the list of people on The Elm guest list it is just not Tories, there are Labour and Liberal as well. Mark are you looking over your shoulder because there are so many people associated with these stories having "died" or committed suicide in questionable circumstances. I have been blogging on these stories and I am getting worried.

    1. Hi John - thanks for your comment. This is all old information now sadly - I took a break from it for a while. It's all out there on the net so I am not too worried about me. But those people genuinely unearthing information... too often it seems people get shut up.

      It seems the more unbelievable things are - the more true.

  20. Oh and another little story about two builders who were doing some work on Rolf Harris's house apparently they found some questionable photos in his loft and tried to blackmail him. At the arranged meeting two heavies turned up who beat them up so badly they were dissuadeded. This came from a friend of mine who was told the story by two guys who had worked with him, at the time he thought they were making the story up.

  21. I am surprised you have not mentioned The Elm House Guest list its all over The Internet and even Wikipedia have a long article on it. Its not surprising this dossier given to Leon Brittan by Geoffrey Dickens disappeared because Carole Kasir had a video of a cabinet minister in a sauna. (reported from Wikipedia) There are reports on The Internet that Carole Kasir had a photograph of Leon Brittan visiting Elm Guest House..

  22. Don't mock David Icke for his view on the lizard connection.... It's not so long ago that you were mocking him and laughing-off his info. and views on Savile etc!!!! Need I say more?

  23. AND..... If you check out any reputable human anatomy textbook, you will find that our 'base brain' is actually referred to as the 'reptilian brain'!!!
    "....The reptilian brain, the oldest of the three, controls the body's vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance. Our reptilian brain includes the main structures found in a reptile's brain: the brainstem and the cerebellum."......